Godre'r Graig Park

Heritage and Interpretation

You may have noticed that the Interpretation Panel is now in place just inside the park entrance.  This panel gives the history of the development of the park and a short piece on the renovation by GCA in both English and Welsh.  Again we are very grateful for the WREN funding that paid for the development and installation of this panel, a real asset to the park, especially for those who do not remember the history behind the park.

We were lucky enough to be able to rescue the original plaque from the concrete pillars, this is now nicely housed in the new stone pillars

We do still have DVD's available of the 'Day to Remember' event that recalled the residents memories from the area, especially the park.

The park has a tremendous heritage value to our community. The Llais LLafur (Labour Voice) Newspaper reported at the opening in 1924 that the land, gifted to the community from the Ynyscedwyn Estate was, "for the moral and spiritual culture of the community". The coal miners not only paid for the work in the park from their own salaries, but also through their own hard labour. Bringing the park back into use is therefore an important monument to the people who built our community in years past.

The Heritage and Interpretation group is working to uncover the hidden history of the park and the community. Many fascinating documents, maps and photo's have already come to light. This group is slowly beginning to decide how this local history can be related to everyone.

The formal role of the Heritage and Interpretation group was set out in the development plan.

They are currently working on a design for an information board to help interpret the history of the park to visitors.

By Godre'r Graig Community Association
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